Wishlist for the next version

The next update of Phantasmagoria (version 1.1) is scheduled for this summer, and we at DevelDerby would like to get your thoughts on what we should focus on.

Here’s a small list on some of the things that will get some much-needed attention in this update:

  • Better Twitter integration. Twitter is a fiddle fiend, and is plagued with downtime and API call limitations. Phantasmagoria does not currently treat this in an optimal manner, and this will be fixed. This should include choosable polling delay, and better error messages. The currently broken manual status update will also be fixed. Profile images should also be loaded when displaying new tweets.
  • Better Flickr integration. More options when uploading images to Flickr, and better integration between the Flickr and Twitter functionality.
  • A small bug in the text editor, where changes to font and color won’t preview until font size is changed, will be fixed.
  • More graceful camera device discovery.
  • More graceful update check. Important messages from the developers delivered straight to the application.
  • More links to online resources (including a forum).
  • More graceful uninstallation.
  • A bit more nagging. A lot of people use Phantasmagoria now, but few have donated. Dontations will still won’t be required, but will revieve a more noticable placement within the application.
  • Improved about screen, with more information about the connections to Flickr and Twitter.
  • Export directly to PDF.
  • Live previews in the Effect Chooser. This will require a substantial change in the base code, and might not perform well for all effects. It’s still something we will strive to achieve.

So that’s what we are currently planning on fixing. We cannot guarantee anything, but we’ll do our best!

What do you think? Anything else we really need to change? Now’s the time to voice your opinions; who knows when the next update will happen…

Send an email to fredrik@develderby.com, or better yet, leave a comment below! As always, feedback is appreciated, and posters will be invited when we celebrate our 1 million download… ;)

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