Need to share a bill?

Ok, so this isn’t really related to the app you all know and love (Phantasmagoria, that is), but we think you should check it out regardless.

Every now and then here at DevelDerby, we need to share a bill with someone. Perhaps you’ve attended a lunch, or you picked up “Java for dummies” for all your employees, or perhaps bought lemonade for everyone at a prehistoric dig, whatever. The point is that you need to find a suitable way of keeping track of everyone that owes you money, how much they owe, and more of such unpleasantness. We at DevelDerby are in that situation all the time, and we finally found a great way to deal with it. is a great new service tailored towards those situations. Check it out, share your bills, get your money back, and think of us here at DevelDerby who told you about it. And you vikings out there who bought mead for your whole ship, the service is also available in Norwegian ( And of course, download Phantasmagoria if you haven’t allready - it’s the best free image application around!

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