Phantasmagoria for Windows:

Get it from CNET!

Phantasmagoria installer for all platforms (Java Web Start):

(This is recommended if you’re not using Windows)

Phantasmagoria (Java Web Start)

Phantasmagoria for all platforms:

Phantasmagoria (All platforms)

If you’re asked what to do when clicking on the jar-file (all platforms), or nothing happens, open a command window, and type ‘java -jar Phantasmagoria.jar’ from the directory where Phantasmagoria.jar is located.


Note that Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6 or later must be installed. In the unlikely case that you don’t already have that installed, go to

Showing gratitude

If you like Phantasmagoria, you should consider making a symbolic donation. This  will help with the hosting costs, and show the developers that their hard work is being appreciated.



Support for capture devices (webcams, etc.)

Java Media Framework is required for camera capture support. Download it at Sun’s site.


Note that saved settings are not removed by the automatic uninstallers. Consult the Help function within Phantasmagoria for details.

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